Alumni Call Out Milwaukee Lutheran High School

By Emma Bonack How Alumni Felt About Post A Facebook post continues to stir controversy. In this edition of The 411 Live, Beverly Taylor is joined by Carl Greer, Karon Sims, and Monte Berry, three alumni of Milwaukee Lutheran High School. The trio took umbrage with the school’s published Facebook post about its relationship with […]

Virtual Education and its Effect on the Achievement Gap

By Emma Bonack Beverly Taylor begins the fourth episode of the 411 Live’s fourth season addressing the effect of COVID on students’ lives. She invites Kelly Connor, a teacher, and Chantell Sain, a parent, who have found themselves in the middle of the shifting education system. Student Life from Teacher’s Perspective Kelly Connor, a Dallas, […]

The Wisconsin Foster Care Shortage

By Emma Bonack Foster Care Placement Needs in Wisconsin Host Beverly Taylor explores the myths and facts of foster care in this edition of The 411 Live: “Foster Care Shortage”. Joining her is Karen Schlindwein, vice president of Education and Development of Chosen, Inc., and Teresa Cocker, chief program officer at Norris, Inc. Beverly opens […]

Domestic Violence “Hidden in Plain Sight”

By Emma Bonack Domestic Violence Awareness Month The month of October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and the 411 Live invited Nancy H. Stone M.S LPC, a professional mental health clinician at Jewish Family Services, to talk with the public about the prevalent issue. Beverly Taylor kicks off the podcast with the awareness that despite […]

“Why Can’t We Just Get to World Peace?”

In the first episode of their fourth season, Taylor opens the door for discussion on different conflicts to be able to find alternate solutions. In correlation with the conflicts we’re stumbling across here locally, not to mention nationally, Taylor brings Moira Kelly to the floor to touch on some of the different levels of dispute […]

Instagram Reigns & Traffickers Lure Vulnerable Teens On Social Media

By May Neng Moua Instagram reigns as one of the most popular apps and fast-growing apps among teens and adults. Teens often share too much personal information and everything that they post is public and geotagged. Meaning once the video or post has been geotagged, the trafficker can easily find where you are located and […]

Social Media, A Happy Hunting Ground For Sex Traffickers

By Lonnya Reasby Sex trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. It has been around for a long time. Humans have been subject to various forms of physical and sexual slavery. It is a total of 13,392 people trafficked […]

Twitter, Egirls and Sex Trafficking

By Donovan Powell We all know Twitter. It’s a website that lets you keep in touch with all your famous heartthrobs, actors, musicians, and hey even little social groups you might want to be a part of. So among all the funny, creative, and interesting things on Twitter why do we find pornographic content, and […]

Don’t Know About GMO’s, Neither Will Your Dog

  Imagine yourself, for a moment, as a happily committed dog owner pouring food into a bowl for your inexplicably excited animal companion. You’ve been told this meal is top of the line, made with love and “real” ingredients facilitating long, happy lives for canines everywhere. Now fast forward, say, a month into the future-your […]

“A Disturbing Phenomenon” A Lesson From Earth’s Creatures

GM products have a long history of harmful biological reactions when ingested by humans and other animals. Studies were done on rodents using GM crops that often produced animals with advanced, terminal diseases causing death in many. Despite this grizzly track record, both inside and outside the lab, government, and corporate entities continue to push […]