The 411 Live is a multimedia awareness and education outlet that develops impactful awareness and educational campaigns and outreach events with the goal of educating, informing and enlightening viewers on issues that may impact them on a daily basis.  Our campaigns are developed in the areas of social issues, education, careers, health, safety, family and community.  We strongly believe in helping an array of diverse people and connecting them to businesses while getting youth involved to help create change in their communities.

OUR MISSION is to motivates change and inspire solutions and action throughout the community through multimedia social awareness campaigns and provide media career training on multimedia platforms for youth and young adults to thrive as professionals.

OUR VISION is to provide every individual access to information and resources needed to live a desired lifestyle and become catalyst for change in their communities.



We create impactful multi-media campaigns that influence and inspiration hope, social awareness, and education by creating the connections needed to create and motivate change throughout communities. We involve youth in our vision of creating catalyst for change through media starting with high school students in 11th and 12th grade through college students who want a career in the media field. We give them hands on experience in a variety of areas like radio, film, video production, journalism and more.

INTENDED IMPACT: Through music, film, radio, print media, social media, the web and stories targeted at culturally open-minded individuals, we are a catalyst for creating change, bettering communities and creating a more inclusive and engaged Milwaukee on issues that directly affect people and their communities. This multi-media outlet is for a diversity of people who seek new ideas and resources to live their desired life. The 411 Live provides unique ideas and solutions that make you look at your life or problem different and unlike your traditional awareness and educational videos, we get to the core of the problem, give you possible solutions then bring businesses, organizations and resources to a place near you.

OUR GOAL: The Goal of The 411 Live is to open the door to inspiration, hope and education therefore connecting you to different people, resources and tools you need to improve the quality of your life and better the conditions in your community. We connect with different businesses and organizations so we can provide the best possible resources and tools for you to utilize. We BELIEVE in YOU!!!! YOU are “The Business”, YOU are “The Organization”, YOU are “The Community” and YOU are The 411 Live – Real People. Real Talk.


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