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Twitter, Egirls and Sex Trafficking

By Donovan Powell

We all know Twitter. It’s a website that lets you keep in touch with all your famous heartthrobs, actors, musicians, and hey even little social groups you might want to be a part of.

So among all the funny, creative, and interesting things on Twitter why do we find pornographic content, and Egirls and predators!.

Well, you could say Twitter has a weird problem, and with a weird problem, there are weird people supporting the problem.

Now like many people I feel like Twitter is a place to free yourself and show your creative mind with those who feel the same. So look don’t get me wrong I have no problem with girl’s blessing my timeline is far from it but with all this content going around we have to look at a bigger picture.

So first what is an Egirl?

Well according to urban dictionary, an Egirl is “A girl who flirts with guys on the internet and her world revolve around getting attention from professional gamers or guys who are e-thirsty or even just any form of attention”.

With Twitter they will allow all kinds of content except for illegal things obviously. The only thing keeping your child from viewing this content on Twitter is one click that asks you to confirm your age and your child could be using a fake account.

Dear Parents,

With Twitter not having a way to tell your child’s real age, you should be on the lookout on their pages and watching for any content they post that would attract predators and pimps.

Now my biggest problem with this, well there’s a lot, but the number one problem is the models or egirls and all the nudes and sex for free pages.

Now we know egirls (not everyone) want some form of attention and pimps and predators are great at giving that kind of attention. Some egirls and wanna-be models of Twitter have even started patron pages to sell their nudes online.

Whyyyyyyy I know why, but why?????

Little girls nowadays and even boys emulate what they see. They grow up looking at egirl models stripping, people naked on TV and they are being groomed to think that’s ok.

That’s Dangerous! Kids are easy to manipulate!

If they think it’s ok to pose naked or take half-naked images just to get attention, guess what? A pimp or predator has already sniffed her or him out and will give them all the wrong kind of attention they didn’t think they would get.

People like them prey on vulnerable and sad girls and boys who feel neglected. It’s really only a matter of time before they get caught up in sex trafficking.

Pimps/traffickers target girls and boys in the age range of 12-14.

Nowadays, you can’t leave your kids be and let them do as they please. The world is changing! Stay up to date with technology. Kids share their emotions on social media and pimps look for the vulnerable and know how to earn their trust. Here are some of the things a trafficker or predator would look for.

What Traffickers Look for Online

  • Posts about the child-hating life
  • Posting about how no one understands
  • Posts about hating mom or dad
  • Posts of your child taking pictures in some sort of sexy pose or short clothing
  • Posts about your child needing to be loved
  • If your child needs a place to live they have shelter
  • If your child is lonely, there now their friend
  • If your child needs a father, boom there now the protector or “daddy”
  • If they are poor, they’ll provide them the dream of status and material goods
  • If your child is hungry, they will give them food

Whatever you fail to give them, they will pick up your slack. Your kid could be on Twitter posting half-naked images saying they’re 18 + when they’re really 14. It just takes your son or daughter to slip up, and that’s it. Your child will be in danger of being trafficked. So always keep an eye out for posts that will attract predators and pimps. Pimps are willing to wait to get what they want, and if you’re not careful your daughter or even son could be their next victim.

The internet is a dangerous place and as parents, you should monitor your kid’s social media accounts.

Please keep up with your kids because they need you.

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