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The 411 Live Podcast (Ep 6) – “Trauma” A Traffickers Currency (Pt 1)

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In this episode of The 411 Live, we interview Dr. Kweku Akyirefi Ramel Smith from Blacksmith Consulting and Jolanda Rodgers, founder of Talk Consulting about how traffickers use a victim’s trauma to lure them into sex trafficking.

We begin with Jolanda introducing the “I Dare You to Heal” movement and all that entails it as Dr. Smith goes on to explain what trauma is and how Traffickers use it. Dr. Smith uses the example of molesters and pedophiles and the trauma they bring to their victims. He leads into how traffickers will then use that trauma as a weapon or a tool on their victims. Jolanda chimes in as well and helps explain how the history of trauma can affect people long into their adulthood. She explains how something may have happened to you when you were four and can come back and haunt you when you have a four-year-old of your own and the resemblance of age can snap the bad memory right back into your mind.

Dr. Smith and Jolanda both agree that trauma is something we have to take very seriously and talk about. Trauma is a scary tool that can affect the young and old and traffickers know this. Burying it deep and not talking about it won’t help. Follow along as Beverly Taylor interviews our guest on trauma, a trafficker’s currency.

About Talk Consulting

T.A.L.K.: Tell your story. Accept your truth. Learn your identity. Know your strength.

There are astounding statistics that reflect the challenges of survivors reclaiming their lives after experiencing various forms of abuse, trauma, and gender-based violence. Both women and men, young and old are often unable to live beyond their trauma and thrive as a healthy and whole person. T.A.L.K intends to position them to do so through psychotherapy, experiential engagement, and inner healing.  T.A.L.K. provides manuscript preparation and editorial services to individuals wishing to share their journey in literary form.  For those aspiring to take their journey into the non-profit or business world, T.A.L.K. offers business proposals and grant writing.

Contact Info: Jolanda Rogers – Founder, Counselor


Phone: 262.477.3100

About Blaquesmith Psychological Consultative Services, LLC

Dr. Kweku Akyirefi Ramel Smith is a Licensed Psychologist and President of Blacksmith Psychological Consultative Services. Between 2014 and 2016, Smith also served as the Team Psychologist of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks and was warmly received as a speaker at the 2015 Leaders Sport Performance Summit in New York City. Dr. Smith is often referred to as the “Total Package or TP” by his family, friends, and colleagues. The title of “TP” was bequeathed upon him because he embodies the Mind, Body, Soul paradigm that he presents and teaches.

Contact Info: Dr. Kweku Akyirefi Ramel Smith – Licensed Psychologist and President of Blacksmith Psychological Consultative Services


Phone: 414-501-3622

National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888 or text BeFree (233733)


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Beverly Taylor is a prober, listener and talker. She utilized all those skills as an anchor and reporter at WITI-TV (Fox 6 News). During her 21 years there, Beverly became a very recognized face in southeast Wisconsin. The most rewarding aspect of the job for her was telling stories that make a positive difference in people’s lives and stories that bring awareness. That included multiple stories about sex trafficking, which makes this podcast about the subject a logical fit.

For her efforts, Beverly has received a lot in return. She’s met people in different stages of life: during their most joyous times, their most vulnerable times, and their most painful times. These people have given Beverly tremendous examples of courage, generosity and determination.

Beverly has received many honors for her reporting, including three EMMY nominations. The University of Tennessee graduate also has a Master’s Degree in Dispute Resolution from Marquette University. She left TV news in December of 2019. Resolving conflict is another way she hopes to make a positive difference in the lives of others. She is a video production contractor, voice-over artist and podcaster.

Putting God first is a constant aim for Beverly. She is a member of New Testament Church of Milwaukee, and loves hanging out with her husband Julian and son, Nate.

Lashondra Scott, Producer/Senior Editor

LaShondra Scott is a visionary leader on a mission to change the conditions, mindsets and attitudes of community residents through transformative and mission-driven films, television shows and new media.

LaShondra, a production executive for over 15 years, has produced and directed television programing, documentaries, video and radio content that has been broadcasted on a variety of outlets including, MPTV, radio 1290 WMCS and cable outlets. Scott, President and CEO of Neo Soul Productions also creates inspiring videos for business, organizations and non-profits.

LaShondra’s keen interest in her community and an intense desire to change the conditions so many of her fellow citizens experience, help her focus her eye on films that make a difference. With God’s guidance, she seeks to completely transform the mindsets and attitudes of individuals as wells as provide a sense of direction and purpose for all who share her vision.

“Always live life with a purpose” is Lashondra’s motto. She strives to make at least one person smile everyday because, as she says, “You never know what that person is going through, and making them smile could change their mood and make life just a little better.”

At an early age, Lashondra saw her life through the lens of a camera. She was 16 when she decided that television/video production would be her vocation. With that in mind, she attended Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) and earned an Associate’s Degree in Television/Video Production. She then earned a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Cardinal Stritch University in Glendale, WI.

She is on the programming committee of the Milwaukee Film Makers Alliance and is part of the Human Trafficking Taskforce of Milwaukee and Sojourner’s Family Peace Center’s human trafficking task force.

Dewayne Edwards, Associate Producer

Dewayne Edwards was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He loves all areas of filmmaking and is passionate about using the world around him to inspire his stories. With his passion for writing, he loves to develop stories to not only show a journey but to get the audience thinking.

With experience in writing, producing, and directing, Dewayne inspires to grow the filmmaking community in Milwaukee to show the different ways we can express our creative minds. Having grown up in Milwaukee, Dewayne knows that there are a lot of stories to tell to help and inspire people all over the world.