The 411 Live Podcast (S6) Ep 2 – “Community Based Mental Health” How to Approach Mental Health with Children

It’s important for young children and teenagers to give a voice to the worries and traumatic experiences that impact their mental health and well-being. Issues that parents, teachers and others may not be aware of and circumstances that children may not be able to easily articulate.  Join us as we talk to Aaron Heffernan MA, LCSW, Psychotherapist and Patrice McBeath, Trauma-Informed Therapist from Jewish Family Services about the importance of active listening, non-judgmental conversations, unique mental health challenges of children and innovative therapeutic methods for helping children express their needs.

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The 411 Live Podcast (S6) Ep 1 – Stress, Mindfulness and Meditation

Starting off our New Season of The 411 Live, host Beverly Taylor talks to Susan Lubar, Founder and President of Growing Minds about mindfulness. Its possible for anyone to become better at being mindful of their own body and actions, because it is a skill. It can be learned, practiced and strengthened. Join us as we discuss and learn this skill called mindfulness that not enough people may be aware of and it could drastically help you.

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The 411 Live Podcast (S5) Ep 15 – Supporting Black Media

Media has the power to empower or destroy and in this episode of The 411 Live, Beverly Taylor talks to Mikel Holt, Associate Publisher for the Milwaukee Community Journal, political analyst and Co-founder of the Wisconsin Black Media Association, Faithe Colas, Radio host at WNOV, Liddie Collins, former TV producer for Milwaukee PBS, Everett Marshburn, Executive Producer for Black Nouveau, and finally, Earl Arms, current President of the Wisconsin Black Media Association and Host of Black Nouveau. In this episode we talk about the importance of black voices and representation in media. Each of our guest not only shares their expertise on the importance of black voices in public media but also their personal experiences and testimonies on how far we’ve come as a society. Listen to each guest’s words on the positive progress and influence the black community has.

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The 411 Live Podcast (S5) Ep 14 Prison Re-Entry Into Society College Program

On this week’s episode of The 411 Live, Beverly Taylor talks to Dr. Robert Smith, director of Center for Urban Research’s teaching and outreach, Dr. Darren Wheelock, associate professor of social and cultural sciences, and Shar-Ron Buie, community liaison and EPP, to discuss the prison re-entry into society college program they conduct in the Milwaukee area and the great feats they have accomplished. Dr. Robert Smith enlightens, “we are wasting so much human potential and human expertise because of the sickness that is that carceral system.” Education is one of societies most important tools for empowerment, therefore, it needs to be offered and encouraged for those who require re-entry into society. This is The 411 Live. Real People. Real Talk.

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The 411 Live Podcast (S5) Ep 13 – Surviving Childhood Sexual Trauma

Join Beverley Taylor "Tuesday night at 8pm" as she talks to April Bentley who is an Artist, Author & Founder of Rubies. She intimately shares how she overcame her childhood trauma of being raped and trafficked in this powerful episode of The 411 Live. She also talks about her new song and her organization, Rubies. Please help April’s Testimony reach more people by sharing this episode as well as her original song “I’m Free”…

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The 411 Live Podcast (S5) Ep 12 – Do Relationships Suck or Is Dating Worse?

On this week’s episode of The 411 Live, Beverly Taylor talks to Jason Boyd, Life Coach and Author to talk about whether or not relationships suck and if dating is even worse. Jason Boyd is the author of “The Reasons Why Relationships Suck but Dating is Worse” and strongly believes women are naturally meant to be the leaders in a relationship and if they knew this and act accordingly, relationships could greatly improve for many. He believes this theory is based on the fact that men naturally pursue women and women naturally instruct men and challenge them to be better. Meanwhile, if a woman pursues a man then, as Jason Boyd states, “when the mouse pursues the cat, the cat will still eat the mouse. As a man, you don’t set the tone in the relationship.” What do you think about this topic? Does modern American society misunderstand the male-female relationship dynamic?

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The 411 Live Podcast (S5) Ep 11 – Healing from Infidelity

There is no unspoken secrets on how to create a healthier relationship between a man and a woman and there is nothing that is stopping anyone from bettering themselves. Join us as Beverly Taylor talks to certified life relationship coach and author, Tray Kearney. Tray states “I’m not here to judge you, I used to be you”. Her motto is we have all fallen short of the mark. Tray talks about what type of communication is needed and how to interact with different communication types. Tray says, “Communication is a skill and a lot of the time it is underdeveloped in a lot of us.” On this week’s episode of The 411 Live, we will uncover the misconceptions of what strong communication looks like and why it is so intertwined with maturity and how to heal for infidelity.

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The 411 Live Podcast (S5) Ep 10 – Black History & Myths on Racism

In this episode of The 411 Live, you will learn that we are seeing several side-effects of racial segregation today in Milwaukee. White people in Milwaukee are 36% of the population, but they have 71% of the jobs in the city of Milwaukee. Black people are 38% of the population, they only have about 21% of the jobs in the city of Milwaukee. This is only one side-effect in only one city of America of institutionalized segregation and racial discrimination and yet this simple statistic screams “something is not right here.” Learn more about our countries past and how we can educate for tomorrow. Join us as Beverly Taylor talks to Reggie Jackson, Co-Founder & Lead Trainer/Consultant of Nurturing Diversity Partners and the past head griot at America’s Black Holocaust Museum.

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The 411 Live Podcast (S5) Ep 9 – Redlining and Housing

In the 1930s the federal government began redlining real estate, marking “risky” neighborhoods for federal mortgage loans on the basis of race. Major cities across the U.S. were given different color codes so that their inner cities could be organized into different racial groups. Today, we are still seeing the aftermath from this system. Join us as Beverly Taylor talks to Bethany Sanchez, Senior Administrator of the Fair Lending Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council about redlining and housing in Milwaukee.

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The 411 Live Podcast (S5) Ep 8 – Mental Health Treatment Court

On this episode of The 411 Live Beverly Taylor talks to retired Milwaukee County Judge, Jeffery Kremers, Pastor Joseph Ellwanger, founder of WISDOM Statewide Reform Our Communities with a focused on Wisconsin's criminal justice system and Sylvester Jackson, Lead Community Organizer for Ex-incarcerated People Organizing. Today we discuss the problems of mental health when it comes to the judicial system and a court room that’s designed to address mental health and sentencing.

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