The 411 Live Podcast (S5) Ep 4 – Sivad Johnson “Larger Than Life”

In this episode, host Beverly Taylor meets with Eboni Thomas and Jamal Johnson, sister and brother to Sivad Johnson, and Jolanda Rogers, the publisher of his book, Becoming A Diamond. They pay homage to his legacy. Beverly Taylor follows along on the journey of Sivad Jonhson’s book, Becoming a Diamond, and what Eboni Thomas would call “divine intervention.” In this episode on The 411 Live, find out the amazing true legacy of Sivad Johnson.

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The 411 Live Podcast (S5) Ep 3 – Comprehensive Community Services

Life can sometimes feel like being stranded on a small boat, no plan, no hope and no help to turn to. One organization that is working to find stranded and hopeless people in our communities is the Jewish Family Services. In this episode of The 411 Live, host, Beverly Taylor meets with Samantha Kovatch, Margaux Baumgarten, and Kjersten Pederson, to introduce a comprehensive community service program for adults and youth.

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The 411 Live Podcast (S5) Ep 1 – Housing Moratorium

With the COVID-19 vaccine out, there is hope for lives to return to normal. That word, “normal”, means a lot of different things to our communities, and for the community of Metcalf Park, normal means playing catch up. In this episode of “The 411 Live”, host Beverly Taylor is visited by Jarrett English, the director of Housing Development for Metcalf Park Community Bridges, and Melody McCurtis, the deputy director of Priorities/Organizer for Metcalf Park Community Bridges. The two professionals tell Beverly about the profound impact COVID-19 and the expiration of the eviction moratorium has had on residents in communities like Metcalf. Residents were barely able to sustain their families when the economy was shut down and now have to find a way to pay off months of debt. One of Jarrett English’s thought-provoking observations is, “Milwaukee is one of the few cities in the entire nation that it’s cheaper to buy a house than it is to rent.” Find out how this is possible and more on The 411 Live.

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The 411 Live Podcast (S4) Ep 15 – The COVID 19 Vaccine “Should You Get It?”

It has been over a year of the COVID-19 virus wreaking havoc in the lives of the worlds’ residents. With everything we are learning and adapting to it, there is still so much unknown now with the few emergency vaccines released and slowly being administered to the public. Host Beverly Taylor is joined by Dr. Kevin Izard on the 411 Live’s 4th season to answer a lot of the big questions: what is the COVID vaccine? Does it provide the immunity relief people are looking for? Is the end of this pandemic in sight? Dr. Izard not only brings awareness to the current situation, but relief and hope to those who tune in.

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The 411 Live Podcast (S4) Ep 14 – Education & Re-entry Into Society After Prison

Society tends to forget the minds that get locked up in correctional facilities. In comparison to the amount of change happening in our world today, little of that is focused on the people who are trying to establish their lives after months or years in prison. Dr. Robert Smith, professor and researcher, says “We’ve crafted this notion that if you’re incarcerated, you’re different, you’re on the margins of society.” In this podcast, the thoughts and experiences of men and women incarcerated and their hunger for a better life are revealed. There are only a few individuals who have experienced this hunger in those that reenter society. Host Beverly Taylor sits down with Dr. Robert Smith, Michael Carriere and Shannon Ross, a collaboration of university life and the incarcerated to innovate the delivery of resources for men and women looking to establish themselves after release.

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The 411 Live Podcast (S4) Ep 13 – Kairo Communications Blackistory App

For Black History Month, The 411 Live highlights an innovative app created by Deborah and Geraud Blanks that promotes the African-America journey through time. The mother and son duo uncover the origins of the app as well as their hopes and plans for it as well. “Knowledge of history can go a long way. It can help us as black folks feel more power and pride about who we are.” It can help expand knowledge and appreciation from others as well. Come discover the app that will unveil the missing pieces of history.

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The 411 Live Podcast (S4) Ep 12 – Dennis Biddle & The Negro Baseball League

Dennis Biddle joins host Beverly Taylor to share a one of a kind experience as the youngest player in the Negro Baseball league, which has only recently been officially included in the major leagues. He shares personal stories about Jackie Robinson, his efforts to bring recognition and honor to his fellow players, and his plans to preserve the rare experiences of his time in the Negro Baseball league.

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The 411 Live Podcast (S4) – Ep 11 Kaukauna & King “The Exchange of Black and White Students in Wisconsin”

Beverly Taylor speaks with filmmaker and former TV journalist Joanne Williams in this episode of The 411 Live. Joanne Williams is finishing up a documentary about a controversial play that included two very different schools of Wisconsin, one white and one black, collaborating in a production in 1966. She initially started the film to tell the story of that production but through her research found herself in a story bigger than her own. Join Joanne Williams in the discovery of a narrative that came alive in our very own community.

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The 411 Live Podcast (S4) – Ep 10 Sex Trafficking in Rural Wisconsin Areas

For Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Beverly Taylor meets with Jenny Almquist, the executive director and founder of Fierce Freedom - an organization that is working to educate and move people to work towards the abolishment of human trafficking. In this episode of The 411 Live, Jenny shares the devastating truths of sex trafficking hidden in middle and high schools of the rural communities. She also shares tips for parents and mentors to create the right conversations that could prevent sex trafficking. “Parents aren’t aware that their kids aren’t aware.”

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