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Learning About Sex Trafficking & Creating Media That Makes A Difference

By Emir Mills

What a summer it has been. Knowledge and willpower are all that has been obtained. Being exposed to the realities of the city has been an experience. The biggest reality to accept is the amount of sex trafficking that happens in the city.

Sex trafficking is a major problem many people in Milwaukee are not at all aware of. Women, men, young girls, and young boys are being transported throughout the city on the daily. They are being handed off to people in rooms in exchange for dead presidents. Now Milwaukee is the Harvard school on pimps. This is the training ground. The place where pimps learn everything they need to know. Being taught this has made me more aware, and hopefully, I can go out and make a difference with it.

Working as an intern at Neo Soul Productions for the summer has really expanded my mind to newer possibilities. I got to gain the experience of setting up camera equipment and filming PSAs. There is so much that goes into it that people have no idea about. It has made me want to star in Hollywood films, to be honest. That amazing feeling of being on set is exexplainable. Whether it was for a film, or for an interview.

I got to do my first interview of another person with this internship. It is intimidating when you have someone looking right at you, staring, just talking for a long time, and you can’t move at all. It has helped with my skills in the interviewing process, however. I have a big hunch I will need it in the future.

All in all, I really loved the internship. Exposing one’s self to newer things is always good in turn, but especially in the creative media area. And when you can have fun with great coworkers while doing it. It is all the better. Summer well spent.



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