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Good Sex, Bad Sex, Safe Sex, No Sex

Good sex is great. Bad sex could get better. Safe sex should be safe and no sex should be the case for many. But OK let’s face it. Less and less people are getting married today and sex is hotter than ever. Single and dating? How important is sex to you? After learning about the alarming rates of STDs here in Milwaukee while researching for the 411 Live, Sex in the City, it made me stop and think about how many times people dive right in “going there” prior to any real conversation with their significant other. Let’s talk about sex. Why does it seem like it’s easier to have sex with someone than to talk about sex with that person? And I’m not talking about what makes you feel good. I’m talking history and status. When’s the last time you’ve asked your partner about his/her sexual history? Have you ever asked such a question? If you had the nerve to ask, did you get an honest answer? Or was he/she more so offended by the question? Thinking, Oh no you didn’t ask me that!

There is no face to STDs. And sometimes they come with no symptoms either. Always remember that even the finest man or woman could be infected and that’s including you.

So if you’re thinking like a man and acting like a lady with the 90-day rule; before you give him something he can feel make sure you are cautious enough to tell it like it is. If you don’t know, find out. Get checked. Know your status. Knowing your status is far more important than just making up one to post on one of your favorite social sites.

I’m just saying.

– Tyrene “TJ” Jackson



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