Synopsis: “Trafficked: More Than Just A Story” is a docu-series about a woman named Laura Johnson who went through a series of unfortunate life experiences throughout her childhood that lead her to become a victim of sex trafficking in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the early 2000s. Now she is a survivor who is sharing her story to bring awareness and to educate society on sex trafficking based on her recounts. This project includes reenactments of Laura’s life, footage of Laura sharing her story and footage that shows Laura present day. The 411 Live is producing a Television Docu-series that will be filming in the Milwaukee Area.

Casting Directors: Jessica C. and Silvia S.

Union / Non-Union: Non-Union. No Agents or Managers.
Production Type: Independent

Audition Location: 12201 W. Burleigh Suite 14 Wauwatosa, WI 53222     Parking is available along 122nd St. and Burleigh (No Parking in the parking lot)

Compensation: None (Volunteer) We will provide snacks/meals and IMDB credit.

We are seeking to fill the following roles:

Background photo submissions: 

Girls 14-17 yrs Asian, Hispanic and Ethnically Ambiguous to portray High School students and trafficked girls. Must have parent or guardian’s permission.

Female 18-25 yrs (all ethnicities) to portray Female Pimp

Female- African American   8-10 yrs to portray Laura’s sibling brown complexion.  Must have parent or guardian’s permission.

Auditions for following roles:

Male- African American 18- 30 yrs – Dope Addict- Very thin, almost homeless appearance (drug addict)

Female- African American 23-26 yrs – Laura’s Sister- Thin build, appearance of an addict

Male- African American  25-35 to portray Teacher

Auditions will be held:

May 24th 6:00 pm-8:30 pm

By Appointment only Sign up below

We reserve the right to end Auditions earlier if the time slots are not filled.

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