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“Trafficked” More Than Just A Story Docu-Series Casting Call

May 12, 2017
Synopsis: “Trafficked: More Than Just A Story” is a docu-series about a woman named Laura Johnson who went through a series of unfortunate life experiences throughout her childhood that lead her to become a victim of sex trafficking in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the early 2000s. Now she is a survivor who is sharing her story to […]

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Trafficked – More Than Just A Story (Trailer)

January 12, 2017
Human trafficking is an illegal industry in the United States that generates an estimate of $9.5 billion dollars annually.  Sex trafficking is prevalent in all 72 counties in Wisconsin and southeast Wisconsin has the highest rates according to the US Attorney’s Department of Justice Office.  According to the Human Trafficking Task Force of Greater Milwaukee, 79% of […]

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“A Disturbing Phenomenon” A Lesson From Earth’s Creatures

May 28, 20150 Comments
GM products have a long history of harmful biological reactions when ingested by humans and other animals. Studies done on rodents using GM crops often produced animals with advanced, terminal disease causing death in many. Despite this grizzly track record, both inside and outside the lab, government and corporate entities continue to push for the […]

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Don’t Know About GMO’s, Neither Will Your Dog

March 28, 20150 Comments
Imagine yourself, for a moment, as a happily committed dog owner pouring food into a bowl for your inexplicably excited animal companion. You’ve been told this meal is top of the line, made with love and “real” ingredients facilitating long, happy lives for canines everywhere. Now fast forward, say, a month into the future-your dog […]

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Top GMOs – You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know About GMOs

February 24, 20150 Comments
After watching this video, uncertainty about GM food impacts is one reason for widespread public suspicion. GM food could sound harmless right? And even a good idea. But the questions is do you know the whole story because there is a lot more to it and big food companies pay big money for you not to […]

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